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MotoGP Austria
21. August 2016
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8. August 2020

In August, there were a few events on our schedule! We started off to equip Gamescom at Cologne with a mobile landing and ramps to put up some proper freestyle shows for all the games out there! Up next we supplied the Sport1 Track Day, hosted at the famous Nürburgring, with landings and ramps before we put up our stuff at the Red Bull Air Race, taking place at the Lausitzring!

September was completely free of events, so I used the time to further work on my buggy flip skills and to prepare for the upcoming Night of the Jumps series.

October started off strong with a Night of the Jumps event at Cologne. The MG-Fmx crew prepared the landings of the track and I did some nice buggy flips! The event ended at 11pm and 7 hours later, everything was out of the arena. The reason was an ice hockey game on the next day. Great thanks to the whole team!!!

I couldn’t have asked for it to be better and I already look forward to the next events! See you out there!